Judgement Day

Judgement Day

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“Girl, you are witnessing the great upheaval that is to come.
First comes prosperity like never before.
Then follows an apostasy like never before.
Then an unprecedented corruption of morals.
Then a large number of strangers comes into the country.
There is high inflation.
Money is losing more and more of its value.
Soon after, the revolution [in Germany] follows.
Then the Russians attack the west overnight. "

A man named Alois Irlmaier said that over 70 years ago.
Irlmaier was probably the best seer there ever was. During the war he was able to tell people whether their relatives had died or whether and when they were coming home. He warned people about bomb hits and much, much more. Word got around quickly and people gathered in front of Irlmaier's house to seek advice. That did not go unnoticed, so he was accused of juggling in Bavaria (the local pastor reported him) and he was brought to justice. The judge wanted proof of his visionary gifts and the Irlmaier said that the judge's wife was drinking coffee with a strange man at home and that she was wearing a red dress.
The bailiff was sent to check this. It was true, of course, and Irlmaier was acquitted.

The lasting impression the man made on the judiciary can be seen in the grounds of the judgment. I have a screenshot of the original document of it, but I quote at the point:

"[...] ... indication that he is a juggler. On the contrary, he helped many people during the war to get through the nervous strain of the aerial warfare. He unselfishly gave them mental calming in the most difficult hours by correctly predicting, which time brings particular dangers, which areas, yes which houses are particularly endangered and how those seeking advice should behave.
The interrogation of the witnesses has produced such astonishing testimony to the accused's talent for vision, which can hardly be explained with the previously known forces of nature, that he cannot be described as a juggler. [...] "

Irlmaier alone could be discussed for hours.

If he prophesies a great war above, he also says how it would end, and at this point he confirms Christian prophecy regarding the Last Judgment. I quote:

Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959)
"It will be dark one day during the war. Then a hailstorm breaks out with lightning and thunder and an earthquake shakes the earth. Then don't go out of the house. The lights don't burn, except for candlelight, the electricity stops. Whoever." Breaths in dust, gets a cramp and dies. Don't open the windows, hang them up with black paper. All open water becomes poisonous and all open food that is not in sealed cans. Also no food in glasses that won't keep it off . Outside there is dust death, a lot of people are dying. After 72 hours it's all over. But I say it again: Don't go out, don't look out of the window, let the consecrated candle or the wax stick burn. And pray. More people die overnight than in the two world wars. Buy a couple of soldered tin cans with rice and legumes. Bread and flour keep, moist things go bad like meat, except in tin cans. Water from the water g is edible, but milk is not. During the catastrophe and the darkness, people will not be really hungry like that. Do not open a window during the 72 hours. The rivers will have so little water that it will be easy to pass through. The cattle fall over, the grass turns yellow and dry, the dead people turn all yellow and black. The wind is driving the clouds of death to the east. "

Josef Stockert (1947)
"So I saw Angels of Death undress and pour their poison shells over all humanity. Whole peoples will die ... The great catastrophe will begin naturally and end supernaturally. Remember what that means, natural and supernatural! God himself will intervene. Earth will be thrown out of its orbit and the sun will give it no more shine. There will be darkness all over the globe for 72 hours. In this darkness no light will burn, except the light of faith and consecrated candles, which will be preserved for everyone who the The request of the Blessed Mother has faithfully fulfilled. During this time, true Christians will close and curtain windows and doors and gather around the cross and the image of the Blessed Virgin in prayer ... Do not look out and do not be curious about what is going on outside, otherwise you must die! ... Two thirds of humanity will be taken from the earth ... It will now be a fruitful time of peace. " The seer's epilogue reads: "When I saw the terrible judgment of God, I was broken inside. Days, weeks and years passed, and every time I thought of that terrible night, I was broken again."

Anna Maria Taigi (1769-1837)
The other judgment comes from heaven. A dense darkness will come over the whole earth that will last three days and three nights. This darkness will make it quite impossible to see anything. Furthermore, the darkness will be connected with pollution of the air, which, although not exclusively, but mainly pulls away the enemies of religion (!). As long as the darkness lasts, it will be impossible to make light. Only consecrated candles will ignite and give off their light. Anyone who opens the window out of curiosity during this darkness and looks out or leaves the house will fall dead on the spot. Rather, during these three days people should stay in their homes, pray the rosary and implore God for mercy. "

I could quote others here, but leave it at that.

Finally, I would like to go into the prophecy of Malachias, who was a 12th century monk. According to his prophecy, the current Pope Francis (85) will be the last. I quote an article from "The Spiegel":
"In the 112th, the last and only longer saying, he proclaims:" During the terrible persecution of the holy Roman Church, Peter, a Roman, will reign. He will feed the sheep under many tribulations. Then the Seven Hill City will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. End."

I used mainly google translator to translate this into English. It did a good job I would say. If you want more info on the 3 days of darkness (Judgement Day), you find some 20 prophesies here:
https://cordisanima.blogspot.com/2011/0 ... richt.html

If you look at the very beginning of my posting:

"Then a large number of strangers comes into the country."

Thats the migrant crisis in Germany in 2015 ( but the influx of foreigners did´nt stop, but goes on).
"There is high inflation."
"Money is losing more and more of its value."

Well, that´s where we are now. The current inflation-rate is the highest for decades (more than 5%) and it seems it won´nt stop increasing anytime soon.
"Soon after, the revolution [in Germany] follows."
"Then the Russians attack the west overnight. "

I´d propose, that if you ever hear of a revolution in Germany, you can expect that the rest of these prophesies are correct aswell. People are more and more angry here. Life is getting way too expensive and we are losing our security and prosperity at an alarming rate right now.

Anyways, for posting this text I was perma-banned from the german Reddit (for spreading conspiracy theories). Thats the state of Germany right now.

I am more than curious for your opinions guys, especially if you are atheist.
Best wishes and may God be with you!

P.S.: Understandably I am a bit unhappy with the forum´s banner, which I made (Jesus and the toilet brush). If Vanity reads this, maybe I could do a replacement for it, without Jesus?
EDIT: I made a version without Jesus. Would be awesome if we could use it from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Image
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