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jedovnice eroticka seznamka zesp00

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Third Test day one as it happened

a superb 12th Test century from Kevin Pietersen helped England to 273 7 after spanish dating sites day one of the final Test against New Zealand at Trent Bridge. Pietersen (115) Hit 14 fours and joint 161 in 50 overs with Tim Ambrose (67).

Having lost two wickets in the first 13 overs after being store, England then saw three wickets fall in the first three overs of the mid-day session.

By dan Fordyce1810: Eng 273 7 Broad and Jimmy A perservere, And that's us done during. England's day by not very much, I'd mention. Thanks for your emails etc super work as ever. See you for the 1040 mark on Friday for le continuatione.

1806: Eng 271 7 Fun in the late romantic evening sun for Broad. He punches an O'Brien full toss with covers for four and then single in spanish edges through slips for four more.

1801: Eng 263 7 Jimmy holds out a big lbw shout against Mills, But Umpire Hair had that i'm all over this it was a'sliding down leg. Two overs left in the time.

1754: WIcKET Ambrose k Hopkins b O'Brien 67, Eng 262 7

Ah Tiny aims a tired cut at one too close to him and gets a clear snicker right through to the stumper. Great affect, Big love from the gang as he scampers off. You'll like this too Jimmy Anderson has come in as a nightwatchman shield Ryan Sidebottom.

outside of Jonathan Farrington, TMS inbox: "my cousin, who might be French, Was completely confused when she came to watch me play for the first time and enquired why all the players gathered in the middle periodically and 'clapped hands' with each other. I explained this was in function and called 'high fives' as in 'Hey, supply five'. Two months tomorrow, Having succeeded where I had failed miserably in erecting a new rotary washing line, She charged into your place excitedly, ready hands raised above her head shouting 'Hey, deliver one',

1749: Eng 260 6 O'Brien drops short and wide again and Ambrose helps him or her self to four more. painless peas. As far as the Kiwis come to, Tiny moves to soaks uptee takes.

1746: Eng 255 6 Tiny to 62 with a lovely changing square cut for four. He's scored 77% of his runs along with the off side, And yet they keep serving him. great deal.

1741: Eng 251 6 Eight overs to go as Stuart Broad advances to the crease. He's off the mark directly with a checked punch drive through mid off for four.

From bob Dodd, TMS inbox: "Re office cricket my coworker and I have our own rules; A necessity is a ping pong ball; We work across a shared very big desk the pitch; a mixture of picture on the walls are the fielders, And our wire paper bins the wickets and a nice silicone ruler the bat. my personal best is 68 not, My co-workers has two tons to his name,

1737: WIfKET Pietersen t Hopkins b O'Brien 115, Eng 247 6

That's a shame KP wearily fences at a shortish one outside off and thins by means of give Hopkins his first Test pouch. Grimace from KP before he de lids and quite rightly milks the slow walk back to the dressing room. Standing ovation from all fretful. stashed England's bacon, That cooperation it was worth 161, And came just as the deck was canting precariously. less difficult off.

1735: Eng 247 5 New ball needed by Enn Zedd. Mills canters in and is popped away for a drowsy three by KP.

1730: Eng 244 5 mills to Pietersen, But it's all turned a touch sludgey on the internet. Approx half an hour's play left on the time.

From Rev'd Deacon diane Letley, radio controlled Chaplain HMP Swaleside, TMS mail: "As I sit in my Sacristy finding your way through this evening's Lectio Divina, Your comment about cricket porn made me wonder what kind of relations you have,

you and me both, Rev you and me both.

1726: Eng 244 5 Good world of golf from Jay Coboram. Tiny alterations a single.

From Phil cross, TMS email address: "A very ex girlfriend, On spotting 'The Who Live In Leeds' LP in my fixed, Asked why they still didn't live in London as they were so highly effective,

1722: Eng 243 5 TV replays are indicating lots of hi motion replays of KP's blade battering ball. It's like cricket adult material.

From Patrick Tranter in london: "My colleague Danny and I are pondering if Simon in London could explain the rules of his cricket game further. We play a good game of 'leg cricket' on the job where your back leg is your bat, Stress ball is the leather and a fire extinguisher is the wicket,

1718: Eng 242 5 He has been, But he's got a bottle of well regarded isotonic sports drink instead. Oram gets one to jump up like Kriss Kross from just in need of a length.

1716: Eng 241 5 Five lovely loopers from Vettori before a short which KP belts through cover again. the rare recent drinks break, KP is making the Sign of Merson at the England outfitting room. Is he requesting champagne?

1713: Eng 237 5 Oram, this is of steadiness, helps Ambrose tidy. He strolls up the pitch in order to do a sporting tableau not seen since Peter Crouch last partnered Wayne Rooney.
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